Rapid Local Marketing

Want to generate leads and traffic utilizing the best strategies in the Digital Marketing space --- and dominate the competition?

⚠️ These strategies are meant to be used for those who want to dominate the local market. Whether they are for you as a business owner or if you have an agency that focuses on the local market.

Travis and I have partnered up and are going to bring to you over 23 years of Agency experience and everything that we have to offer in the local business space.

As you know focusing on 1 specific channel is a disaster waiting to happen. But with so many courses coming out everyday how do you know what to focus on specifically?

There’s so many variations to consider!

 The niche

 The market


 The offer

 The clients systems (most don’t have one)

 The season


I can go on and on. What if we could bring you exactly what works across all channels and methods?

Think of this as the only source you’ll need for Digital Marketing Continuing Education!

Every month in this private group you will be learning the latest method of running traffic to dominate the local market.

As a business owner it’s critical that you are caught up to the latest trends, technology and marketing methods for leads even if you hire an agency to do it.

Hint: You’ll quickly find out what most Agencies are not doing and you’d be able to call them out on it

Some call us Traffic Masters and Lead Kings, but we’d like to consider ourselves 2 guys who know how to deliver results. We’re humble like that

Consistency in lead gen is important but so is automation, followup systems and providing results. That’s most important than anything else in business.

Here’s some results of what we’ve been able to achieve in the last 90 days:

 Over 14751 Chiropractor leads

 Over 2,237 Mortgage VA leads

 Over 12,714 Mortgage New Purchase leads

 Over 6,891 Real Estate leads

 Over 1,476 Weight Loss leads

 Over 2,176 Fitness leads

And don’t forget - we’ve been able to grow this group to over 52K members in 18 months and we’ll be showing you exactly how we did it.

As a digital marketer who runs an Agency you won’t have to worry about clients questioning your tactics or methods to get them results.

You’ll be part of a secret society of traffic gen masters that can go to any business owner and know exactly how to deliver results, when, where and make it happen.

We will be covering a wide range of topics, focusing on a single topic each month.

Each week in that month, we will cover from the basics to advanced strategies to case studies.

Along with the membership and content we're going to be interviewing local business to understand from their perspective what marketers are doing wrong, and what they would rather see from marketers before getting pitched to.

Topic Experts for that month will also be interviewed so they can dive-deep on what we're talking about.

Become part of the BETA LAUNCH of Rapid Local Marketing for only $127/mo!


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